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[Apr. 29th, 2006|11:38 am]
so this weekend starts with a kiddy birthday party...brother and sister born 5 years apart ON THE SAME DAY. how bout that? apparently there's a jumping castle (my inner child had trouble sleeping for the excitement!) and at 3 all the kiddies disappear so the big kids can party on irresponsibly. methinks it's gonna get a wee bit messy. fun!

we had intended to take advantage of the 3 day weekend and get out of brisbane for a coupla days, but that seems unlikely now. and probably just as well cos i should be really trying to be ms enthusiastic student. but maybe a walk around springbrook tomoz to refresh the mindbodysoul. and it'd be sweet to catch up on some loidy lovin at some point. we needs to brainstorm a photographic weekend away pappasj and i were chatting about the other night...somewhere beautiful like the crazy glassblowers place that we can use as a studio and immerse ourselves in creativity and feather boas. yeah.

oh, and i remembered today that i still have a gym membership downstairs, i thought it would have expired, but they never do, do they? the scammers make you physically go in there and stop the payments, which i've been too lazy to do. so, as much as i detest the smelly testosterone infused things, like i'm gagging right now, i'm actually thinking i'm gonna give it another go. so like pumped right now!

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